Career Guidance

Organizes & coordinates campus placement program, to fulfill its commitment of a career to every aspirant.
Helps every student define his/her career interest through individual expert counseling.
Preparing the students to face competitive examinations and interviews through intensive training programs including group discussions, mock interviews, and the basics of behavior and body language. Experienced Professionals from the industry are invited for some of the training programs.
Assisting students in career-planning, employment and providing information on higher studies.
Makes available updated database and job profile of the companies and thus helps each student analyze and choose company of his interest.

The main aim of this Training is to prepare students for:
Writing CVs and Cover Letter
(Small things that make a big difference)

Reach your Prospective Employer
(Shortlist, Apply, Follow- up for fixing Interview)

Facing Group Discussion
(Letís polish our interpersonal skills)

Facing Interviews
(Tip the odds in your favor)

Handling Subject specific Aptitude Tests
Placement and Training Department is also providing necessary Pre-Placement Training for the pre-final year students in the form of Pre-Placement talks arranged of various industries / corporate, training from the seniors on nature of the written test being imparted and process of interview of different industries. Placement Department also regularly organizes talks from the various professionals from different universities for pursuing higher education in abroad and talks from trainers for taking competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, and Aptitude etc.

This training helps students to enable themselves to appreciate the importance of teamwork and to assist in understanding the nuances of corporate grooming & dressing, corporate etiquette and the ethical dilemmas present in business and soft skills. Students are trained to develop the necessary skill-sets to handle interviews in the best manner possible.

Opportunities Given (2017-18)

Opportunities Given (2016-17)