Department of Electronics Engineering

“Rectifying Ideas, Amplifying Knowledge”

Vision of the Department :

To be a centre providing high quality & globally competent knowledge of concurrent technologies in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication.

Mission of the Department :

The department is making its paramount efforts,
To provide quality teaching learning process through well developed educational environment and hardworking faculties.
To produce competent technocrats of high standards satisfying the needs of all stakeholders.

Prof. N. N. Gyanchandani
HOD ( EN & ETC )
M.Tech, Ph.D ( Pursuing )

 The department has been starving to maintain high standards in imparting quality education with highly experienced, dedicated staffs and well equipped laboratories in the field of Electronics Engineering. Departments are moving with the motto of excellence in all spheres with great emphasis being laid on understanding the fundamentals and applying it to meet the today’s challenges of technical education and to emphasize today’s technocrats. The UG Department of Electronics excels in VLSI and embedded systems, Digital Image and signal processing’s, Communication Engineering, Advanced Microcontroller, TelevisionEngineering, Mobile communications and Artificial Expert System.

 An Electronics Engineer's career path can lead to a broad range of Electronics Engineering jobs in different specialties in various industries. So all though rising demand for electronic products including communication equipments, defense related equipments, medical electronics and consumer products continues to increase demand for electronics engineer. Electronics Engineering covers study and design of modern applications & communications gadgets. The various fields like VLSI, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing etc have the foundation of Electronics Engineering.

Department Facilities

All computers are connected in LAN and have internet facility. The department has its own library and the state of art laboratories with major equipments and application softwares. Following are the major Labs of the Department:

Microwave and Radar
Television engineering
Electronic Workshop
Advanced Digital System and Design
Electronic Device and Circuits
Computer centre
Advanced Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Communication Electronics
Digital Circuits
Microprocessor and Interfacing
Power Electronics
Control Systems