Library :

Welcome to JDCOEM Central Library

'Caring for our students is our highest priority'

JD College of Engineering and Management established in year 2008 and encourages every student to use the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the College. All the libraries strive for high quality of library services which emphasis the actual delivery of information as well as needs of users. It is the aim of the JDCOEM Central Library to serve the varied need of its many users efficiently. The Central library is automated with Synchronik Software. Student and Faculty access library information through ON LINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE (OPAC).

Vision of Central Library:

To provide quality service to the users
To offer modern tools for accessing information


Built up area :4000 sft.
Reading Room :Can seat 150.

JDCOEM library consist of the following section :

1. Circulation section 2. Reference Section 3. Periodical Section
4. Stack Area 5. Multi Media Resource Centre 6. Reading Room

Use of Library Section :

Sr. No. Section User's
01 Circulation section 450
02 Reference Section 57
03 Periodical Section 45
04 Stack Area 357
05 Multi Media Resource Centre 30
06 Reading Room 150

Membership :

The central Library membership is restricted to Students, Teaching staff and Supporting Staff of the college. All the Staff and students can borrow Books from Library.

Sr. No. Member Library issue No Loan period
01 Teaching Staff 10 One Semester
02 U.G. 03 15 days
03 P.G. 05 15 days
04 Supporting Staff 04 1 month

Library Collection :


No. of Titles No. of Books Cost of Books (Rs.) No. of Periodical Investment on periodicals ( Rs) Total Cost (Rs.)
3840 19.774 67,82,061 /- 72 2,27,575 /- 70,09,636 /-


Sr. No. Course Number of Titles Number of Books Cost of Books Journals
National International
1 Electronics Engineering 507 2501 5,80,583 /- 06 01
2 Electronics and
603 2522 5,71,550 /- 06 01
3 Information Technology 508 2554 5,73,440 /- 06 01
4 Computer Science & Engineering 588 2558 5,69,875 /- 06 01
5 Mechanical Engineering 449 2494 3,22,004 /- 06 01
6 Civil Engineering 306 2227 5,38,450 /- 06 01
7 Electrical 169 837 3,32,340 /- 06 01
8 MBA 472 2935 5,97,593 /- 12 --
9 First Year 641 2145 5,36,530 /- -- --
10 (MTech) Computer Science and Engineering 150 300 2,30,296 /- 05 --
11 (MTech) VLSI 132 251 2,91,082 /- 05 --
12 (MTech) Electronics 121 272 2,56,784 /- 05 --
13 (MTech) Wireless Communication and Computing 120 240 2,56,767 /- 05 --
  Total 3,840 19,774 70,09,636 /- 72 07

Media Resources :

E-Journals : DELNET and NDL
C.D.'s : 509
NPTEL Videos

Classification System :

Classification System: Universal Decimal Classification

Library Services :

The following services are available at the Central Library.

  1. Circulation
  2. The circulation section remain open between 9.15 am to 4.15 pm. On working days (Except on holidays, unless decided otherwise by the Institute.)

  3. Open Access
  4. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility is now available at the library entrance to facilitate online search of books available in the library with Title, Author, Keyword and Subject search options

  5. Reference
  6. The Reference Section in the library has various books that are sources of information about different subjects. They include dictionaries, encyclopedias, manual, and other informational books.

  7. Reprographic
  8. The readers can get the Xerox of interested articles or chapters from the library documents.

  9. CAS
  10. This service provides the latest information to users in the area of Science and Technology and Engineering on demand.

  11. Wi-Fi
  12. (The Wireless Network is installed in JDCOEM Library .System Requirement: Laptop with Wireless Capability)

  13. Question Bank ( RTM University)
  14. E- resources
  15. Internet Search
  16. Text Book loan Scheme(C.B.B.S,)
  17. New arrival display
  18. Institutional Repositories

New Arrivals Display :

All new books are displayed in the reference section. The list of these books is displayed in the Library Notice Board.

Library Membership :

Library is a member of Developing Library Network (DELNET), which provides services like browsing of Union Catalogues, Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery Services. Interested Readers can access the Catalogues of other Libraries through DELNET and request the required books/documents to be procured from these libraries on loan for a limited period.

Library is a member of National Digital Library (NDL), which is a virtual repository of learning resources with a single window search facility filtered and federated searching so that learners can find out the right resource with least effort and in minimum time.

Staff Details :

Name Qualification Designation E-Mail
Mrs. Nishart Khan M.Lib; M.Phil Librarian
Mrs. Aarti Bhange
B.Lib. Asst. Librarian
Mr. Raghu Gomase
C.Lib Library Attendant

Library Automation :

JDCOEM Central Library is fully automated. We are using SYNCHRONIK (Softlib) software package. All the system connected through LAN to access database.
Barcode scanner is used for charging and discharging the books.

Nodes for usage of system in library

Data server : 01
OPAC : 10
Multimedia : 10
Internet :02
Barcode Scanner : 02


  1. Orientation for Students
  2. Guest lecture on " introduction to e-Library" by Dr. R. M. Deshpande
  3. Book Exhibition
Annual Book exhibition organized by the central library in the college campus.


Departmental Libraries

In addition to the Central Library, every department has departmental library. All important text / reference books are maintained in the departmental libraries for the use of faculty and students

Rules and Regulation :

  1. No transaction will be made without Identity card. I-card shall be non-transferable.
  2. The student using library should sign in the register.
  3. Strictly silence should be maintained in the library.
  4. Maximum five books available in the library will be issued to the student member at a time for 15 days. It may be re-issued after 15 days at the request of the user.
  5. Books which have been issued are liable to be recalled at any time by the librarian. If there is need for it . Book shall be returned within one day from the date of call.
  6. CDs will be issued separately.
  7. If the book is not retuned before stipulated time limit a due of Rs. 2 for each book/day will be imposed.
  8. Any existing damage should be brought to the notice of the staff & signature be obtained otherwise user should be held responsible.
  9. If book is lost, either it shall be replaced by new copy or by paying triple the cost of book.
  10. If requisitioned book is not available please register your claim. It will be issued as soon as it is available base on the serial claimant.
  11. If claimants fail to get the book issued within 2 days, it will be issued to the next claimant.
  12. Clearance certificate will not be issued unless all the books/CDs is returned and dues are paid.
  13. The amount of dues shall be recovered before summer Examination.
  14. Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the Library so as to cause annoyance to any other reader.
  15. Students caught tearing pages/stealing of books, violating the rules will be debarred from the library.