Robotics summer Internship report


SIP Session 2017-18

First Year

Objectives of Summer Camp:

  1. Get awareness about basic of Networking Concepts

  2. Get awareness about basic of IP Addressing

  3. Get awareness about Assembling & Disassembling PC

  4. Working with BIOS/CMOS, System Utilities

  5. Installation of O.S. System Side Programs

  6. Get awareness about LAN, WAN Technologies

  7. Get awareness about Wireless & Embedded Communication Concepts

Duration of Course

"15 Days"

Theory:- 2 Hrs.

Practical:- 2 Hrs

04 Hours Daily

Objectives of Summer Camp:

  1. Introducing PC Architecture Basics

  2. Working With Motherboard, Microprocessor

  3. Working with Memory, Power Supply

  4. Working with Hard Disks and Ports

  5. Installation of Operating System- Windows, Linux

  6. Introduction to Networking

  7. Transmission Media

  8. LAN, WAN, MAN Basics

  9. How to Crimp RJ-45 Sockets, Cables

  10. Working with IP Addressing

  11. Server Installation

  12. Networking Protocols

  13. Wireless Networking

  14. Embedded System

  15. Importance of Operating Systems in Machine

Registration Fees

"Free of Cost"to Every Students..!!

Advantageof Programme :

  1. We have Collaboration with reputed Software and Hardware Companies around Nagpur City

  2. Experts from Reputed Companies will teach you some portion of Course contents

  1. Clear with all basics of Computer, Networking, Embedded system and Wireless Communication

  2. EConduct Objective Type Examination

  3. First Three Highest Scorer gets Mementoes/Cash Price

  4. Course Completion Certificate for Every Students


  1. 1ST Mr. Amit Bhattacharya (EC)

  2. 2ND Ms. Kavita Khangar(IT)

  3. 3RD Ms. Suvarna Tembhurnikar(CSE)