Training :

Induction Training to Teachers :

Newly recruited teachers undergo induction training.
Training in Verbal & Non-verbal Communication, for effective
teaching-learning Process.
Effective delivery of contents through Audio-Visual aids, which are available in every class room.
Class room control, blackboard manners and preparing Presentations are the additional features.
Accent & Voice of teachers is seriously monitored.

Subject Training to Teachers :

Teachers with more than 15 yrs experience in Teaching,
paper- Setting,moderation and Valuation, train the newly inducted teachers.
Same teacher, guides and instructs for the effective performance of experiments in laboratory.
Finally, Presentation is given by the newly inducted teachers which is monitored by the experts.
All this is done before the classes begin.

Career planing & Development- DIVISION (CPDD) :

Organizing short term Industry oriented training and Entrepreneurship development programs.
Arranging Aptitude Test.
Improvising Professional and business communication skills.
Developing soft skills like time and stress management, personality development and CV writing.
CPDD constantly works on various training and motivational modules for the students.
The whole exercise of CPDD is to enhance employability of students.

The Corporate Advisory Group:

It involves senior technocrats and administrative heads of renowned universities, which assist student in securing placement with well- established Corporate.
Industrial visits, Industrial training, Expert lectures by eminent IIndustrialists and Academicians is important outcome of this group.