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Prof. Nilesh Pal

Prof. Nilesh Pal

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering


B.E.(Civil Engineering) 2012, RTMNU, Nagpur
M.Tech(Environmental Engineering) 2014 RTMNU, Nagpur
Ph.D (Pursuing) Kalinga University, Raipur

Contact Details

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
JD College of Engineering and Management,  Nagpur.



+91-8830918592 (Residence)

About the Faculty

JDCOEM is an Autonomous institute in Nagpur accredited as grade “A” by NAAC and honoured with many awards in different categories. Working as a teacher in such a renowned institute is my privilege and honour. As a responsible Training and Placement Officer of Civil Engineering Department, I believe that, if my students develop self-discipline and good academic grades during their education, they will definitely achieve a good position and will have variety of opportunities to choose their career. My teaching experience of 6 years has enhanced my skill and which, I am shearing with my students so that they can become and strong technocrats in future and helpful them to curve out a responsible carrier in their domain. I hope this will also help them to achieve a better placement.


Journal Publication
1 Nilesh pal, “study and analysis of constructed wetland, International journal for engineering application and technology, Vol 3, Issue 9, sep 2017.
2 Nilesh pal, ” analysis of contamination of ground water due to dumpk yard, vol 5, Issue 3, March 2017
3 Nilesh pal, Removal of oil & grease from wastewater by electrocoagulation, TEQIP, Nov 2012.
4 Nilesh pal, ” literature survey on raw water treatment, IJRESET, Vol 7, Issue 3, March 2019


Sr. No. List of On-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM No. of Semesters Taught
1. Environmental Engineering 3
2. Hydraulics 4
3. Fluid Mechanics 4
4. Air pollution and solid waste management 3