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Prof. Abdul Ghaffar

HOD, Civil Engineering

B.E.(Civil Engineering) 2006 SGBAU, Amravati
M.Tech(Structural Engineering) 2009 GCOE, Aurangabad
Ph.D (Pursuing) Poornima University, Jaipur

I am privileged to have continuous teaching experience, at JDCOEM, one of the most prestigious Autonomous Institute in region, which has enabled me to develop a teaching philosophy of my own.

I believe that as a teacher and guardian it is our duty and responsibility that along with subject matters and technical skills, our students must have the ethics and discipline. Department of Civil Engineering is working very hard to excel in not only academics also placement level in student’s profile. I am trying to use my working experience of 15 Years for development of my students.

I am settling my own example of discipline and respect for every individual so that my student can emulate and adopt these valves. Through my teaching method, honesty, sincerity and dedication. I was able to get the best teacher award from JDCOEM (2017) just within few month of taking up responsibility.

I am really honoured to seive  as the Head of Civil Department which has given me an opportunity to provide excellent technical knowledge and the soft skill, which will help them to be placed in high post with good package. I can provide state that our department has a recorded of 100% placement will be continued in the upcoming year.