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Welcome to the second edition of our beloved students’ annual magazine ” Sanskriti”. It is a blend of a diverse tapestry of stories, ideas, and voices that capture the essence of our dynamic student community. Each activity, article, photograph, and artwork is a testament to the incredible talents and passions that abound on our campus.The magazine launch is a culmination of hard work, creativity, and the collective talents of our student team. Stories have the power to connect, to inspire, and to change lives. In this issue, you’ll find stories that touch on various aspects of our lives as students: the challenges we overcome, the lessons we learn, the experiences that shape us, and the dreams we dare to dream. As you delve into these pages, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the narratives and perspectives of your fellow students. So let us together hand in hand take our institution forward ensuring that each and every student on our records receives the all-round qualification needed to be fruitful and ready to carve a niche for him/herself on the global scenario, as our mission statement so aptly states. We hope and believe that we will accomplish this. We have learnt to love; learnt to lose what we could not hold on to and above all learned to learn in any and every circumstance. So, let’s be together and continue our learning journey!!!

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