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(Institutionalization of 2.5 Crore fund for Scholarship)

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The JDCOEM’s initiative under “Reaching the Unreached” ensures this gateway of quality education to all those aspiring and deserving students who have the potential to soar high in life through quality education, perseverance, grit and determination. “Reaching the Unreached” is the JDCOEM’s philanthropy wing  which is  avowed to our commitment to open the doors of knowledge for the brightest and deserving aspirants who desire to pursue engineering or management courses.

The plethora of scholarships and financial assistance schemes are being offered to the students to ensure that every needy and bright individual gets the due opportunity to seek quality education.

The following are the scholarships and financial aid available at JDCOEM

Merit scholarships at the time of admission

We award a range of merit-based scholarships to the best performing candidates at the time of admissions. The scholarship may range from partial to full fee waivers.

Special scholarships through application

We award special scholarships for achievers or outstanding all round performers in diverse fields. You can be eligible to be considered for the scholarship, if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Award winners in international/ national/ state level sports events
  • National/State level achievers in fields other than academics or sports

 To seek this scholarship the necessary supporting documents are required.

Emergency need-based support

Emergency need-based support may be provided to students who face a financial need caused by circumstances beyond their control. To be eligible for this support, there has to be a loss of funding resulting from a death, serious illness, or any other circumstance which makes it difficult for the student to generate funds on their own. Apart from academic scholarships the assistance is given towards transportation expenses as well.

Supporting documents shall be required to be considered for need-based support and All Clear result shall be prerequisite to avail this assistance.

Merit scholarships for enrolled students

To encourage and reward exceptional academic performance, scholarships may be awarded to students who are pursuing engineering or management on the basis of the following conditions:

  • Rank in top 10 rank holders in the university examination on the basis of CGPA
  • Clean academic record

Admissions Fee waivers

To encourage and reward exceptional academic performance, scholarships may be awarded to students who are pursuing engineering or management on the basis of the following conditions:

Government Scholarships

Scholarship Schemes and Categories

Scholarship Schemes types Category
सामाजिक न्याय व विशेष सहाय्य विभाग SC, VJ-NT, SBC, OBC
आदिवासी विकास विभाग ST
राजर्षी छत्रपती शाहू महाराज शिक्षण शुल्क शिष्यवृत्ती योजना Open Category Admitted under CAP
Minority Scholarship Candidates belonging to Muslim , Sikh , Buddhist , Christian , Parsi , Jain and Jews minority communities
Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) J&K Students admitted in J&K quota
Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Click here
Scholarship Policy Document Click here

Reaching the Unreached Scholarship Conditions

  • Scholarships are awarded for the full duration of the program.
  • Merit Scholarship shall be applicable for one year term only.
  • The scholarship amount will not be paid to the selected student. It will be deducted from the term dues directly, if he/she is not availing any government scholarship.
  • If the student is availing government scholarship then the amount shall be reimbursed to the student or he shall be given the CRT modules, industrial tours/visits to the tune of scholarship earned by the student.
  • The Scholarship Committee/HoDs will review the performance of the scholarship student every term. The continuation of the scholarship is contingent on students maintaining a CGPA of 7.50 under  the clause 5 i.e  Admission Fee Waivers . The selected scholarship student shall ensure the completion of all the term work, minimum 75% attendance to avail this benefit.
  • In case a scholarship student withdraws from the program, the student has to refund the scholarship amount that JDCOEM has already disbursed.
  • The Scholarship Committee reviews the scholarships from time to time and reserves the right to alter, modify, change or withdraw any of the provisions and policies.
  • Should any of the information given by the scholarship recipient be found inaccurate or false at any time during the program, the scholarship award will be withdrawn and the recipient will either be charged full payment of fees immediately or will be dismissed from the program.

To be considered for the scholarship, you need to email us the supporting documents of your achievements at