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Student Affairs

Dean (Students)

Welcome to the JDCOEM family!!!

At the beginning of the academic career, students are in the midst of a path full of promise and hope. The Office of Dean Student is committed to provide ample scope, opportunities and facilities for all round development of personalities and leadership qualities among students. The office act as a nodal centre, to promote the activities for the welfare of the students. There are plentiful opportunities and experiences in the institute that facilitate self-discovery, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and professional development for our students. The office is dedicated to meet the needs of all students. It provides platforms to students to explore and exhibit their creativity and aspirations taking care of their difficulties and socio-economic diversities. The outstanding faculty and a caring staff, a beautiful campus and a conducive ambiance help students to achieve your curricular, co- curricular, extra- curricular and professional goals.

Sports Department

Through sports, students are able to build a wide range of abilities and skills such as leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, self-reliance, trust, and many more which facilitate the overall development of an individual. Keeping academics significant, sport related activities shape character and social skills of students. Participation in sports not only keep students fit and healthy but they also learn to handle pressure in crucial time. It also has significant impact in boosting and maintaining their mental, emotional wellbeing along with enhanced academic performance. Students are always encouraged and trained to participate in sports tournaments at different levels at JDCOEM. Sports department of JDCOEM organizes various outdoor and indoor sports program with fixed strategy which leads to physically, emotionally fit and disciplined student.

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Management Information System

Various summarized required information are available over this dashboard. College MIS dashboard shows Fee category wise student data, current Transaction data entry details, current admission status for all class, caste category wise statistical report, admission fee summary report, Library status details, hostel management system etc. Apart from this it let you know exact status of admitted and vacant seas of any class. Details of fee collected, class wise, caste category wise, and Fee category wise analysis.

College MIS:

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