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Dress Code

  • Blazer
  • White Shirt
  • Blue Trouser
  • Tie
  • Formal shoes

* Dress available at Nagpur’s local vendor.

Health & Wellness Centre

“Wellness Centre is our Counseling Cell working for the student’s all round development. We analyze each student’s development individually in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Then specialist guidance is offered for the student’s progress in the directions best suited according to his individual capacity, thereby enhancing his strengths and helping him improvise on his weaknesses, dealing with challenges and developing skills in the process of making the best Engineers.”

Management Information System

Various summarized required information are available over this dashboard. College MIS dashboard shows Fee category wise student data, current Transaction data entry details, current admission status for all class, cast category wise statistical report, admission fee summary report, Library status details, hostel management system etc. Apart from this it let you know exact status of admitted and vacant seas of any class. Details of fee collected, class wise, cast category wise, and Fee category wise analysis.

College MIS:

For Enrollment Registration:

Anti-ragging cell

Anti-Ragging Committee is formed in collage as a Supervisory and Advisory Committee in preserving a Culture of Ragging Free Environment in the college Campus. This committee will monitor the measures taken by the college for prevention of ragging, will look into the specific instances of ragging and complaints of ragging; and suggest appropriate action / punishment against individuals who indulge in ragging.

A campus level Anti Ragging Squad has been constituted for vigil, oversight and patrolling functions. It will be mobile, alert and active at all times and is empowered to periodically inspect places of potential ragging. The squad shall investigate incidents of ragging, make recommendations to the Institution level Anti-ragging committee and shall work under the overall guidance of the Anti-ragging committee. All members are requested to take note of the same and co-operate in maintaining conducive academic atmosphere for our students both in the college & hostel premises.

Women internal complaints committee

A Campus Level Women Internal Complaints Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace as per Vishakha Guideline 2013.

Sexual Harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behavior (whether directly or by implications namely:

  • Physical Contact and advances : or
  • A demand or request for sexual favors : or
  • Making sexually colored remarks : or
  • Showing pornography or
  • Creating an intimidating, offensive or hostile learning environment
  • Humiliating treatment likely to affect the health, safety, or physical integrity of the person concerned
  • Trespassing the designated the place such as common rooms, wash room etc.
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non verbal conduct of sexual nature

JDCOEM’s WICC has been constituted with the following members: