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2018 – 2019

Times of India Awarded for Highest Placement in Engineering to JDCOEM.

Mr.Pratik Thakre

Placed in Byju's, Apco Pvt Ltd

Mr.Suven Paul

Placed in Byju's, Apco Pvt Ltd

Mr.Ankur Akre

Placed in Extra Mark

Mr.Kishor Jadhao

Placed in K.R construction Pvt. Ltd as a Trainee Engineer, Nagpur.

2017 – 2018

Mr.Vipin Gajbhiye

Placed in Prismysis Buildcom pvt.ltd.

Ms.Rasika Choudhari

Sharda Infrastructures nagpur

2016 – 2017

Mr.Chiranjeev Mohta

Placed in TATA Project

Mr.Shubham Gillurkar

Placed Pompeii tech/MKS pvt. Ltd

Mr.Piyush Mandlik

Placed Pompeii tech

Mr.Shamshad Ali

Astron pvt. ltd.