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Prof. N. H. Patil


“Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow. “– Johann von Goethe

All of us at J D College of Engineering, are committed to Genuine growth of our students. Instead of being somebody or being a copy-cat, we want all of them to evolve as distinctly different individuals in their own right. Therefore, besides imparting Engineering knowledge through structured curriculum, we pay attention to their personality development, as well as improving their Intelligence & Information quotient. Because, we know that the healthy sum-total of these aspects alone can ensure a reasonably secured place in the smart savvy competitive world. We are happy that our students are shaping up into energetic enthusiastic individuals. And we are confident that as Qualified Engineers 2 years later they will be competitive, confident, impressive engineering professionals who will be valuable assets of India. Looking back over past 2 years makes me happy. But all of us are aiming higher, with commitment to achieving more every year. While, I congratulate students, faculty members and other staff for the overall progress, I welcome fresh talent to JDCOE, and look forward to greater success in the coming years.