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Intellectual Property Right Cell

JDCOEM has established IPR Cell to facilitate students and faculty for filing patent and registration of copyright. For smooth conduction of IPR process JDCOEM is providing professional expertise from Ashutosh SwarnakarPatent & Trademark attorney of Amravati (MS). To enhance filing of IPR activities within institute, Management has approved financial support in terms of all respective attorney charges and official fees which required for patent filing, early publication, examination, FER response and to attend hearing at IPO will be provided to students and faculties by JDCOEM, Nagpur.

List of Patents Registered:

Sr. No. Application No. Title Faculty as Inventor Name of Applicant Date of Filing Date of Publication
1 201821023880 (Granted) Masonry cement from hydrated lime and flyash Dr. S. R. Chaudhari Dr. S. R. Chaudhari 27/06/2018 26/06/2020
2   Design Of Washing Space For Utensils For Avoiding Squatting Posture Of Maid Servants. Dr. P. B. Maheshwary Dr. P. B. Maheshwary 2020 In Process
3 201821046782 Stroke Less Rotary Vane Engine” patent numbered Dr. B R Mahajan Dr. B R Mahajan 2018 In Process
4 202021028738 A Cyclo Converter For Reducing Available Supply Frequency 1)Prof. Prashant B. Maheshwary    2)Prof. Jayant P. Modak    3)Prof. Neetu N. Gyanchandani    4)Prof. Amit J. Modak    5)Prof. Sunil R. Gupta Prof. Prashant B. Maheshwary 06/07/2020 21/08/2020
5 .202021029718 A A Method For Preparation Of Cobalt-Graphene Ferromagnetic Contacts Based Spin-Field Effect Transistors 1)Prof. Neetu Nirmal Gyanchandani    2)Prof. Prashant Brajmohan Maheshwary    3)Prof. Kailash Rambhau Nemade Prof. Neetu Nirmal Gyanchandani 13/07/2020 21/08/2020