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Prof. S. M. Bang


Prof. S.M.Bang is a senior academician in the field of Electrical Engineering with the vast experience of nearly 3 decades in Engineering Education.  His guidance aims at   imbibing amongst the students the undeniable fact of   Knowledge Economy that “Knowledge is Power.” Formal learning is integral to education,   but must have real life applications.  The students of JDCOEM are assured about their transformation into confident, competitive, informed professionals who are Knowledgeable and full of Wit & Wisdom. Micro management and multi tasking are necessarily the important ingredients for success of the organization.

Under the guidance of Prof. S.M.Bang, JDCOEM has entered into formidable alliance with various NGOs and Philanthropic Organizations such as Nihchal Israni Foundation and Rotary Club, Nagpur. These associations help the college to build the social connect in the form of various service projects.