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Examination Cell


Controller of Examinations (COE),Associate Prof., M.E. (Electronics)25 Years of Experience in Teaching and worked as Head of Dept of ETC/EE for more than 6 Years. He is Life Member of Institution of Engineers (IE), IETE & ISTE. He has published more than 30 papers in International & National Journal and Conferences.

COE Message:

I have been bestowed with the responsibility to look after the affairs of Examination Cell as Controller of Examinations (COE). I accepted this responsibility with optimism and faith to enhance the credibility of this institution. With 25 years of experience in teaching, I carried out various responsibilities and assure all the stakeholders that I will contribute to the process of enhancing the quality and upgrade the existing systems by making all possible efforts.

With a strong support and backing of able and dynamic management members and Principal sir, I believe to establish a foolproof Examination Cell at JDCOEM.

I welcome all students and stakeholders to make useful suggestions for further betterment of our Examination Cell.

About Examination Cell

In the adopted Outcome based Education, continuous evaluation is an integral part of the effective Teaching- Learning system. Examination Cell plays a very important role in Assessment of outcome.

The major responsibilities of Examination Cell involve smooth and impartial conduction of End Semester Examinations, Make up Exams & Supplementary Examinations, Conduction of Evaluation & Declaration of Results. Maintaining the confidentiality during execution of above tasks is more important.

Principal is the Chief Controller of Examinations and all the tasks are performed by the COE under his direction.

Vision & Mission


To win the trust of all stakeholders in conducting the assessment and Evaluation.

1. To frame and adopt proper procedures for various works involved with accountability.

2. To utilize the resources as per the expertise of an individual and maintain good quality & reasonable standard in the assessment.

3. To ensure that students participate in assessment process enthusiastically.