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About Department

Welcome to the Department. Currently, JDCOEM has received autonomy and happy to share that it is the youngest autonomous institute in region and Basic Science and all engineering departments has achieved the milestone by recognized as a Research Center by DBATU.

Vision & Mission

To lay a robust foundation for the institute to reach its zenith.

The department is making its paramount efforts,
1. Achieving academic excellence through rigorous teaching, learning and evaluation practices.
2. To develop an ability to apply knowledge of basic science and mathematics to excel in the field of engineering.
3. To provide salutary environment for the betterment of faculty and students.

Salient Features of Department

  1. Departmental Library
  2. Modern laboratory
  3. Separate tutorial rooms
  4. Well trained & Qualified supporting staff
  5. Girls / boys common room
  6. Modern & spacious Drawing Hall
  7. Centralized computer lab
  8. Centralized work shop