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Taxila and Vikaramshala

A world class campus: A confluence of ancient architecture and state of the art infrastructure

Nagpur is a major education hub in Central India. There are two types of schools in the city. NMC (Government) run schools and private schools run by trusts. These schools follow the 10+2+3/4 plan (15 years of schooling leading to the first degree), the first ten years constituting school education consisting of four years primary level, three years of upper primary level and three years of high school level with a public examination at the end of tenth class and 12th class constituting the Secondary and Higher Secondary Board Examination respectively. This is followed by either a general degree course in a chosen field of study or a professional degree course, such as law, engineering and medicine.

Class rooms and lecture theatres

JDCOEM has numerous classrooms of varying capacity , with an energy-efficient design to utilize maximum natural light They are equipped with modern audio-visual and other facilities to enhance students’ classroom experience.

Classrooms at JDCOEM are designed to be not only technology-rich environments that expand instructional options for faculty but also profound places of revelation and discovery for students. Well-designed interiors are aimed to elevate intellectual discourse, encourage creativity, and promote collaborative learning.

Wireless technology brings the internet not just to every academic building, but also to every desk in the classroom. Coupled with projectors, microphones, and video cameras, the classroom experience is fully connected to the internet that equips faculty and students to engage in innovative, dynamic and constructive education. 


Swami Vivekanand Library

Swami Vivekanand Library at JDCOEM is a reservoir of knowledge with thousands of books from multiple disciplines and consists of spacious reading rooms, discussion rooms, a reference room and a computer centre. Designed to avail of the natural light, the library sets the perfect ambience for the students in the pursuit of knowledge. It houses sufficient reference and reading material for students and faculty.

Centre for Performing Arts

The Centre for Performing Arts serves as the central hub for the students learning theatre, dance and music. It serves as a venue for preparation for all cultural activities and is one of the favorite destinations for the students.

Conference Room

Equipped with excellent acoustics, the conference room serves as the perfect settings for Seminars, Paper Presentations, Panel Discussions, Guest lectures and similar activities


APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium and Rabindranath Tagore Auditorium : JDCOEM houses artistically designed auditoriums with a huge seating capacity and the right backdrop for Academic events, theater and music performances, get-togethers and expert lectures.


JDCOEM Campus has ample Labs and studios that provide opportunities to students for hands-on experience to learn various procedural skills. These labs and studios provide students a setting where they can observe, practice, explore, solve scientific problems, and gain mastery through hands-on use of tools and machines. The lab sessions provide students opportunities for discovery, teamwork and interdependence in the process of learning.

Water Bodies

Beautiful and serene man- made water bodies home to many exotic varieties of colorful fish add to the beauty and tranquility of the campus. 1-Gyan Sarovar, surrounded by coconut and other types of palms at Suryaprastha. 2-Vidya Sarovar flanked by lush green lawns and trees in front of Taxila and Vikramshila. 3-ManaSarovar besides Nalanda.


JDCOEM has a spacious cafeteria that serves only healthy, wholesome vegetarian food.

which  includes  breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. The food served is as good as home cooked. All packaged food and plastic disposables are prohibited. The aesthetic design and the beautiful view from the windows make the place a favorite destination for the students and faculty