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Fitness Club

Now In the digital era of social media health is most important concern in everyone’s life. In JD College of engineering and management, a Fitness club is formed for and by the students under the student club. The main motive of fitness club is to focus on physical as well as mental health of the students which is more beneficial for their bright future. Fitness clubs provides the platform for students to showcase their physical and mental skills other than academic which are equally important. Students get to learn about leadership, teamwork, enthusiasm and hard work which are beneficial to enhance their skill set. The club supports and motivates the members to overcome their fears and weaknesses. Everyone in the club works hand in hand with unity and dignity which help the individuals to grow and explore the best version of them. As we all are aware Fitness is a comprehensive resource that’s motivating and inspiring. Fitness club not only teaches you how to work and organize yourself in disciplined manner, but they also focus on helping you fix your own mindset, develop positive habits, and really change your life one step at a time.

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