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Lohari & ohh – kaat kite festival

Civil Engineering Department

Venue:  Playground, Behind JDP,  JDCOEM. 

Objective: To make students aware about importance of Kite festival and Lohri  Celebration. 

ACES Committee under Civil Engineering Department, JD College of Engineering & Management, Katol Road, Nagpur have organizes “Ohh-Kaat & Lohari” Festival every year. In this event around 50teams participates for kite flying and more than 600 students gathered at JD cricket ground to celebrate these festivals. Program starts with the inauguration and Gidda by the girls and boys of the department. Kite flying followed by Indian game “Lagori” for lady teachers and girls. There were various competitions like ‘Tug Of War’ and ‘Ohh Kaat’ for both boys and girls. 

Outcome: Extracurricular activities are always helps students all-round development. By celebrating LOHARI and OHH KAAT we try to conserve our culture.

Few Glimpses of  the Event