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Prof. B. H. VERMA

Prof. B. H. VERMA

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Diploma (Mechanical) 2009 G.P Nagpur

B.E. (Mechanical) 2012 BDCOE Wardha

M.Tech (Heat power engineering) 2015 DBACER, Nagpur

Contact Details

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

JD College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur


Phone: +91-7773928396

About the Faculty

I am a researcher, teacher, and learner in the field relating to thermal engineering, solar energy and presently working as an Assistant professor in the Mechanical department.

 I have pursuing my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from RCOEM, Nagpur with the sub-area of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, after finishing my master’s degree in RCOEM and undergraduate in SSBT’s COET. Before joining to this institute I was a lecturer in ACHARYA SHRIMAN NARAYAN POLYTECHNIC (Govt add.)

 I enjoy playing chess and table tennis.


Sponsored projects

  • Nil

List of Papers Published (last 5 years)

Journal Publication
1 B. H.Verma,  “An experimental approach to the study of pressure losses in air conditioning duct system, Volume 3, Issue 2 2017.

B. H. Verma,“Review on phase change material as a thermal energy storage Volume 4, Issue 9 2014.

Conference Publication

Other Works

Working with students (undergraduate) for their small project works and activity is a pleasure and is also considered of prime importance at JDCOEM. Many of the projects had an interesting and useful outcomes where my role is to act as an adviser and guide them in correct path to achieve the required goal.


Courses in Current Semester Class Hrs

Machine Design 1 (5th Semester)



List of On-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM No. of Semesters Taught
Machine Design 1

Off-Campus courses

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