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Ms. Simran Jhambia

Ms. Simran Jhambia

Counseling Psychologist

B. Degree

  • B.A (Psychology)

  • M.Sc. (Counseling Psychology)

  • Honors (Counseling Psychology)

Contact Details

Counseling Psychologist, Cultural Department

JD College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur.


Phone: +91 -9145634404


About the Faculty

Ms. Simran Jhambia is a Counseling Psychologist believing in Mental Health and growth of humans holistically. She has Counseling experience with Children, Young adults and Oncology patients. She possesses unconditional positive regard for her students and works towards breaking the stigma around Mental Health, in Unlearning and uses an eclectical approach. She has also successfully completed certifications in Child Psychology, Positive Psychology and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Academic Credentials 1) Presented a paper on Self Care Strategies among Mental Health Professionals who are dealing with Anxiety in National Conference at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 2) Published paper on Nomo phobia: A rising stress among Students. 3) Cleared Masters in Counseling Psychology with an “A” grade from Bangalore North University.