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Research and Publications

 Sponsored R& D Projects Completed 

Project NameCo-ordinatorDept.Sponsoring AgencyProject ValueSanction dateDuration (years)
Induction/Refresher Programme on Mitigation and Finding the Generic  solution  for Network Security in the Wireless DomainDr. S.V.SonekarCSE-ITAICTE-ISTE3,00,000/-Ref. No. ISTE/AICTE-ISTE FDP-1-3327971248/2018, dated March 12, 2018 6 Days


Sr. NoName of FacultyPatent TitleApplication No.with datePresent Status (if awarded. Patent No.)
 01Dr. S.V. SonekarLead toxicity detector and water cleaning machine03-Jan-246328914
2Dr. S.V. SonekarSmart System For Detection of Black Fungus and White Fungus Disease Using Artificial Intelligence , Internet of things sensors and Deep Learning.23/07/2021AU2021104507A4
3Prof. S.V. SonekarSmart System For Detection of Black Fungus and White Fungus Disease Using Artificial Intelligence , Internet of things sensors and Deep Learning.20/04/20222021104507


Sr. No Name of Faculty Title Application No.with date Copyright No.
 01 Prof. Parag Gajbhiye File System Organizer 4913/2023-CO/SW (24-02-2023) SW-16822/2023

List of Faculty Research Area 

S. No.Name of FacultyDesignationArea of Interest
1Dr. Shrikant SonekarPrincipal, JDCOEMWireless Sensor Network
2Prof. Shital PatrakarHODArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
3Prof. Nikita KotangaleAssistant ProfessorArtificial Intelligence
4Prof. Ragini KhobragadeAssistant ProfessorComputer Network, Programming With python
5Prof. Pradip AthawaleAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning
6Prof. Prerna KaduAssistant ProfessorComputer Graphics
7Prof. Shubhangi SatdeveAssistant ProfessorComputer Architecture
8Prof. Parag GajbhiyeAssistant ProfessorInformation & Cyber Security, Database Management System

List of Publications

      1. Shrikant Sonekar,” Survey of Various Face Liveness Detection Techniques for Biometric Anti-spoofing Applications. “, International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science ISSN:2319-7242, Volume 6 Issue, Page No. 21120-21125, 4 April 2017
      2. Shrikant Sonekar,” An Effectual CBHDAP Protocol for Gray Hole and Black Hole Attack Detection in the Company of Queuing Technique CBCRTQ for Traffic Management in MANET”, International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology, 16th April, 2017
      3. Shrikant Sonekar,” “Detection of False Positive and False Negative Problem in identification of Unsecured Node” ,International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2016
      4. Shrikant Sonekar, ”Identify A Person Face Based On Unconstrained Face Recognition From A Media Collection” ,International Journal of Informative & Futuristic Research, ISSN: 2347-1697, Volume 3 Issue ,10 June 2016
      5. Shrikant Sonekar, “A Loom for Revealing Selfish and Malicious Node in Cluster Based Ad hoc Wireless Networks” ,International Conference on Computing for sustainable Global Development, IEEE, 11th -13th March, 2015
      6. Shrikant Sonekar, ”Mitigating Packet Dropping Problem and Malicious Node Detection Mechanism in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks”, 4th FICTA, Springer Publisher, 25th Oct, 2015
      7. Shrikant Sonekar,”Collaborative approach for improving the Quality of Services in Wireless Sensor Networks by using SAFEQ and Watchdog Algorithm: A Review”, International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, under the aegis of Pentagram Research Centre, Hyderabad, February 3-6, 2014
      8. Shrikant Sonekar,” Survey on Data Aggregation Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks “Journal No: 64718 Volume 3, Issue 1 Feb 2018
      9. Shrikant Sonekar,” Effective Feature Selection for Feature Possessing Group Structure”, International Journal of Engineering and Computer Science, ISSN: 2319-7242, Volume 6, Issue 5,2018
      10. Shrikant Sonekar ,”An Empirical Approach for the Detection of Malicious Node in Cluster Based Ad hoc Wireless Networks” ,International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, ISSN: 2320-088X, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2014
      11. Shrikant Sonekar ,”Privacy, Integrity and Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review”, International Organization of Scientific Research Journal pp. 84-88, January, 2014
      12. Shrikant Sonekar ,”An Algorithmic Approach for the Detection of Malicious Node in Cluster Based Ad hoc wireless Networks.”, International Journal on Computer Science and Information Technologies, ISSN: 0975-9646, Volume 5
      13. Shital Patrakar, “Social Media Sentimental Analysis for Covid-19 tweet based on Machine”, International Journal of Research in Computer and Information Technology, E-ISSN: 2455-3743, Volume 8, Issue 03, June 2023.
      14. Shital Patrakar, “Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning Technique”, International Journal of Advanced Innovation Technology In Engineering, E-ISSN: 2455-6491, Issue 30, March 2023.
      15. Nikita Kotangale, “Review on Existing Fire Monitoring and Extinguishing Systems in Various Domain Verticals”, Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, ISSN: 1007-6735, Voulme 23, Issue March 2021.
      16. Ragini Khobragade, “ E-ruler Technology”, International Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, ISSN: 0974-2174.
      17. Ragini Khobragade, “ Wireless Health Monitoring System foe Remote Region”, International Journal of Infinite Innovation In Technology, ISSN: 2278-905.
      18. Prerna Kadu, “Multipurpose smart bag”, International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education, ISSN: 2395-4396, volume 2, Issue: 2020.
      19. Parag Gajbhiye, “File System Organizer”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering an Management, ISSN: 2582-3930, Volume 7, Issue 21, February 2023.
      20. Parag Gajbhiye, “Implementation on File System Organizer”, HBRP Publication- Advanced Innovation in Computer Programming Languages, Volume 5, Issue 29, March 2023.