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Sponsored Projects

BRANCH Title of project Year Research Consultant Name of the beneficiary Total Consultation cost
Civil Engineering 1. Lime fly ash based masonry cement for masonry 2019-20 Dr. S R Coudhary Construction industries 3,00,000/-
Mechanical Engineering 1.Development of Single Shot material for foundry application 2016 Prof. N. H. Patil Casting Industries 75,000/-
3. Design and development of vane engine 2017 Dr. B R Mahajan IC engine manufacturing industries 50,000/-


BRANCH Title of project Year Principle Investigator Amount Sanctioned by JES Amount borne by Principal Investigator Amount total
Computer Science Engineering 1. Design of an Intelligent Approach for Intrusion Detection in Ad hoc Wireless Network 2017 Dr S.V.Sonekar 10,000/- 75,000/- 85,000/-
Chemistry Synthesis characterization and allpication of nanomaterials as a catalyst for organic reaction 2018 Dattatraya bajarang Bharti 10,000/- 100000/- 1,10,000/-
Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Thermokinetic Studies of Polymer Resins 2016 Dr Amit Gupta 10,000/- 100000/- 1,10,000/-
Physics Effect of Dopants on dielectric , optical and domain studies of ferroelectric Ba5Ti2O7Cl4. 2017 Dr N. V. Pradnyakar 10,000/- 100000/- 1,10,000/-
Physics Influence Of Synthesis Routes And Parameters
Dielectric Properties Of Solid Solution Of
2018 Mrs.M. V Takarkhede 10,000/- 100000/- 1,10,000/-


BRANCH Title  of Project Year of completion Fund given by JES Fund collected by student group Total Amount
Mechanical Engineering
  1. Design and fabrication of Go kart
  2. Design and fabrication of tricycle
  1. 44,000/-
  2. 15,000/-
  1. 81,000/-
  2. 30,000/-
EN/ETC Engineering
  1. Smart agriculture system using autonomous robot (Krishi Yantra)
2017-18 15,000/- 10,000/- 25,000/-
  1. Smart agriculture system using autonomous robot (Tomato Plucking)
2018-19 60,000/- 20,000/- 80,000/-