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About Department

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, one of the promising Departments of JDCOEM, Nagpur over the decade, has grown tremendously and is now recognized as one of the best and major Engineering Departments in the region. With its multifaceted and experienced faculties, it provides high quality teaching and research experience. We provide healthy and attractive facilities and environment for the stake holders that help and built bond to bridge the gap between Students, Parents, and Teachers (SPT). Department has established IIIC (Industry Institute Interaction Cell) to combine excellence in education with service to industry which is obliging for the superior placement of students as per their domain wise interest. Department has highly influenced by the industrial exposure and all concerns are always in state to avail the students for the industrial interaction and this is only the factor that made the department as well as the institute to achieve higher growth within a very short duration after establishment. The focus of department is to be recognized as innovative and leading department in Mechanical engineering. Currently, JDCOEM has received autonomy and happy to share that it is the youngest autonomous institute in region and Mechanical engineering department has achieved the milestone by recognized as a Research Center by DBATU.

Vision & Mission

To be a centre of excellence of learning and research in Mechanical Engineering.

The department is making its paramount efforts,
1. To provide high quality, innovative and research environment in Mechanical Engineering.
2. To impart soft skill and hard skill to achieve institutional vision.

Salient Features of Department

  1. Domain based CRT
  2. Exposure for competitive examination