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Prof. Dharmesh A. Agrawal

Prof. Dharmesh A. Agrawal

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


B.E. (Mechanical) 2010 RTMNU, Nagpur

M-Tech.(HPE) 2015 RCOEM, Nagpur

Contact Details

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

JD College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur.



Phone: +91-9021348205 (Residence) 

About the Faculty

I am fortunate to have a number of years of continuous teaching experience, at JDCOEM, one of the most prestigious College in India, which has enabled me to develop a teaching philosophy of my own.

 I believe that it is my duty as a teacher to make students understand ‘how to learn the subject matter’ and not merely to deliver the class material. I also believe that a personal touch is essential for a healthy teacher-student relationship. With the diversity of our community reflecting in our classroom, it is also critical to identify ways to reach out to each individual.          



Sponsored projects

  • Nil

List of Papers Published (last 5 years)

Journal Publication
1 Design & Fabrication of Zero Degree Turn Four Wheel Steering Stystem,IJSRD, Vol. 4, Issue 12Feb, 2017 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613
2 Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement Technique using Twisted Tape in Laminar and Turbulent Flow in a Circular Duct.IJAERD, ISSN:2348-6404
3 Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Augmentation usingCompund Methodology.IJAERD, ISSN:2348-4470
Conference Publication

Other Works

Working with students (undergraduate and postgraduate) for their small project works is a pleasure and is also considered of prime importance at JDCOEM.


Courses in Current Semester Class Hrs
Energy Conversion (7th Semester) 48


List of On-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM No. of Semesters Taught
Energy Conversion ( BEME703T) 2
Operation Research (BEME 603T) 1
Heat Transfer ( BTMEC501) 2

Off-Campus courses

List of Off-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM