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Prof. Suhas Rewatkar

Prof. Suhas Rewatkar

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


B.E.(Mechanical) 2006 RTMNU, Nagpur
M tech Design) 2012 KDKCE , Nagpur


Contact Details

Associate Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering
JD College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur.




+91-9284590869/ 7350432726 (Residence)

About the Faculty

I am fortunate to have a number of years of continuous teaching experience, at JDCOEM, one of the most prestigious Universities in India, which has enabled me to develop a teaching philosophy of my own. 

I believe that it is my duty as a teacher to make students understand ‘how to learn the subject matter’ and not merely to deliver the class material. I also believe that a personal touch is essential for a healthy teacher – student relationship. With the diversity of our community reflecting in our classroom, it is also critical to identify ways to reach out to each individual.

I believe that the students must be treated with respect and the classroom must be free from undue tension and anxiety.


List of Papers Published (last 5 years)


Journal Publication


Suhas A Rewatkar Review of influence of different cutting angles of Single Point Cutting tool on Turning Operation IRJET 2395-0072,Vol.04,Issue-02,Feb 2017


Suhas A Rewatkar optimisation of cutting parameter for facing operation – A review using Taguchi Method IJAERD2348-6406, vol.05,Issue-03,march-2018


Suhas A Rewatkar optimisation of process parameter for turning operation – A review using Taguchi Method IJAERD 2348-4470, vol.05,Issue-03,march-2018


Suhas A Rewatkar A review on optimisation of cutting parameters for surface roughness in facing process using Taguchi Method IJEDR 2321-9939,Vol.06,Issue-01,March 2018

Other Works

Working with students (under graduate) for their small project works is a pleasure and is also considered of prime importance at JDCOEM. Most of the projects in the department are research based or live projects. Projects with outcomes in the Field of CNC machining, Welding processes , Nano fluid in heat exchanger, machining is used for optimization.

Ongoing prominent project as faculty mentor for student group is on E-cart . The student team from JDCOEM has fabricated the E cart in college workshop itself and also got selected for national level E cart competition held at Coimbatore. Achievement of E cart

  1. Overall 5th rank out of 32 teams
  2. Secured best Energetic team in E-kart category.
  3. 3rd rank in Acceleration test
  4. 3rd rank in innovation.
  5. 5th rank in business plan.
  6. 5th rank in skid pad.
  7. 7th rank in CAE.
  8. 8th rank in Endurance. Best lap time in endurance, which is 1:47 minutes for 2.1 kms.
  9. 11th rank in Engineering Design.


Courses in Current Semester (Sem-VII, 2018-19)

Class Hrs

Computer Aided Design  

  • CAD/CAM, Principles and Applications P.N.Rao , McGraw Hill         

Tue,Wd,Thu 11.25 to 12.20

List of On-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM

No. of Semesters Taught

Engineering Drawing  


Engineering Graphics I  


Strength Of material


Mechanics Of material  


Design of Machine Elements


Theory Of machine


Dynamics of Machine  


Fluid Mechanics  


Computer Aided Design


Off-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM

  • Strength of Material
  • Design of Machine element