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POs and PEOs


PO 01: Apply the fundamental knowledge of computing, mathematics, science, business and environment to solve critical problems related to CSE and IT field.

PO 02:
Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems with the understanding of computing principles and always be ready for change in its solutions. 

PO 03:
Ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data. 

PO 04:
Ability to design and implement IT solutions for complex engineering problems. 

PO 05:
Ability to demonstrate and handle latest technological tools or software in implementing real time projects professionally.

 PO 06:
An ability to perform the task effectively as an individual and as a member in homogeneous and heterogeneous team. 

PO 07:
An Ability to Practice professionalism and communicate effectively. 

PO 08:
Ability to develop confidence for self education and everlasting learning  process. 

PO 09:
Ability and interest in engineering practices to participate in research and development. 

PO 10:
An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues. 

PO 11:
An understanding of engineering and management principles to carry out the projects successfully.  

PO 12:
An understanding of the impact of the professional engineering solutions on societal and global environments for sustainable development.


Students will have In-depth knowledge of trending technologies, effective communication skills, lifelong learning with leadership qualities in order to work in any multidisciplinary areas in a team or individually.

Students will be able to interpret and analyze the requirements of the software design and development to provide efficient engineering solutions with novel product designs within the jurisdiction of humanity and social constraints.

Students will have the attitude to pursue higher studies or research work or  initiate entrepreneurial activity.