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About Department

The Department of Management at JDCOEM has the mission of preparing ambitious young learners to become not just managers but change leaders who can identify and maximize new opportunities. Besides classroom discussions, the candidates develop a practical approach to problem solving through multimedia simulations, workshops, case studies, live projects, event management and regular interactive sessions with eminent business leaders. There is never a dull moment for an MBA student as they are required to be on their toes to prepare for the challenges of the corporate world.  If you are someone who seeks new ideas, resources and opportunities, this is the ideal place for you to discover yourselves.

Vision & Mission

To be a centre of excellence for creating competent and innovative managerial professionals and business leaders.

The department is making its paramount efforts,
1. To instill in the students strong domain knowledge and a passion for lifelong learning.
2. To develop critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills in the students so that they can become efficient leaders in their future careers.
3. To inculcate a strong sense of ethics, social responsibility and professional behavior in the students.

Salient Features of Department

  1. Focus on developing a complete set of managerial skills.
  2. Individual personal review and counseling
  3. Including arts, sports and culture into the academic framework to enable holistic development of students.
  4. Strong Institute and Industry association.