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Clubs & Activities

Association of Ignited Minds (AIMS) is the forum of management students which serves as a platform where the students engage in various endeavors to develop leadership, team and inter-personal skills. Various clubs have been formed under the forum and of a wide range of activities such as college-level and inter- college competitions, workshops, guest lectures, outbound activities etc. are Conducted.

List of Office Bearers of Club

Dr. Parvin Shaikh

Forum In Charge

Mr. Linesh Thakre


Miss Shikha Sakhare

Vice President

Miss Amruta Thakre


Miss Chitiksha Ninawe

S. No. Designation Name of the Office Bearers
1 HR Club Head Miss Shivani Yerpure
2 Marketing Club Head Miss Aanchal Meshram
3 Eco Club Head Miss Kiran Borkar
4 CSR Club Head Miss Ayushi Lukhe
5 ED Club Head Miss Diksha Karadbhajne
6 ED Club Co-Head Miss Priyanka Kshirsagar
7 Finance Club Head Miss Suhasini Bansod
8 Sports Club Mr. Gopal Rathod
9 Intercollege Events Coordinator Mr. Aswin Saigopal

Eco (Environment & CSR) Club

The club takes up meaningful environmental and CSR activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. The club also helps the students to explore beyond the realms of studies.

Entrepreneurship Development Club


The main objective of the entrepreneurship Development Club is to infuse creativity and innovation among the students of our college. The club provides a platform for the students to learn the techniques and style to manage a business. It helps to train them to participate in external competitions and forums on entrepreneurship. It also provides the students with the basic skills and knowledge in running a business thus nurturing them into confident and responsible entrepreneurs.

Marketing Club

The club organizes quizzes, creative idea generation sessions, case studies and current news analysis sessions. The activities help the students keep them abreast with the latest happenings in the said domain.

Finance Club

The Finance Club organizes games, simulations and quizzes to make the students familiar with the nuances in the finance field. The sessions by industry experts on the career opportunities in the financial services industry help the students to identify their field of choice.

Human Resources Development Club

The HR club brings together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them discover the HR traits in them and basically make them corporate ready.  The club provides them an opportunity to interact with the industry personnel and also provide them opportunities for internships and training in the industry.