Prof. Mirza Moiz Baig

Prof. Mirza Moiz Baig

Assistant Professor, Information Technology


B.E.(Computer Science & Engineering) 1997 SGMU, Amravati
M. Tech. (Software Engineering) 2008 JNTU, Hyderabad


Contact Details

Asst.Prof., Information Technology
JD College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur.




About the Faculty

I am very fortunate to be in the noble profession , at JDCOEM, one of the most prestigious college in the vicinity of central India. It has given me an opportunity to enhance my teaching skills ,share my knowledge with the students since last 10 years.

I believe that it is my duty as a teacher to make students understand how to grow them professionally and keep themselves up to date about the current knowledge and do research in their domain areas. I try to provide maximum opportunities to the students both within and outside classroom to apply the learning in a practical manner and learn to adopt themselves in real world applications. I also encourage my students to engage in creative thinking and develop an inter-discipline approach towards the subject and its applications.


List of Papers Published (last 5 years)

Journal Publication
1 Sanjay Patil,International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science,Enginerring and Information Technology,Survey on creating ZigBee Chain Reaction using IoT,Vol:3,Issue:5,May—June-2018
2 Iffat Ansari,Survey on Automated Bugs Triage System, International Journal on recent innovation trends in computing and communication,vo:5,Issi=ue:3,June 23,2017
3 Durgesh M. Sharma, Sentiments Extraction and Label Assignment on Twitter Dataset, International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research Volume 6 Number 2 June 2015
4 Naziya K. Pathan, Improving Association Rule Mining in Text Datasets by Prior Knowledge and Iterative Approach – Apriori Algorithm, Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2015 pg. 288-294


Conference Publication
1 Almas Mohammad,Sentiment analysis on Social Networking :A Literature Review,2nd International Conference on Advance in Engineering & Technology,2015

Other Words

Guiding students (under graduate and post graduate) in their small projects works  are very pleasure and is also considered of prime importance for me at JDCOEM. Many of the projects had interesting and have very useful outcome like:

  • Implement Emergency Medical Facility through UAV, IoT based identification of crop line, Spraying test and Object detecting using Drone for Agriculture
  • Monitoring and Controlling the crops from diseases by using AI and Machine Learning Techniques.


List of On-Campus courses taught at JDCOEM No. of Semesters Taught
Cluster and Cloud Computing 3
Compiler Design 4
Data Warehousing and Mining 2
Software Engineering 2
System Programming 3
Theory of Computation 2
Ethics in IT 2
Operating System 1
Data Base Management System 1
Middleware Technologies 1
Workshop Practice Product Design & Engineering 1
Workshop Practice -DBMS 1
Workshop Practice-Compiler Design 4